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Borderland Chronicles

Memorable stories of people and happenings written by Douglas historian Cindy Hayostek. 

In 2022, I accepted the Al Merito Award given by the Arizona Historical Society. I like to think one reason I received the award is because I’ve published Borderland Chronicles for over 15 years.

People who’ve subscribed all those years tell me they like the easy-to-read yet meticulously-cited stories about Douglas, Agua Prieta and the borderlands surrounding both towns. A one-year subscription includes four issues.


A series begun in 2024 tells Douglas history stories by decade. The founding of Douglas is told in 1900-10, with the Mexican Revolution and WWI covered in 1911-20, with more to follow.

I think you’ll enjoy reading these stories in future issues of Borderland Chronicles. 

- Cindy Hayostek

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No. 1— Alice Gatliff, Forgotten Woman of the Mexican Revolution 

No. 2— Born in Douglas: Stan Jones and “Ghost Riders in the Sky”

No. 3 — Douglas Delegates to Arizona’s Constitutional Convention

No. 4 — Sandra Day O’Connor’s Douglas Ancestors

No. 5 — Medal of Honor Winner in Douglas, Julian Gaujot

No. 6 — Sonora’s Anthem and Rodolfo Campodónico

No. 7 — Simply Grand: Douglas’ Premier Theater and Irma D. Bond

No. 8 — The Douglas Men Who Founded Arizona’s Junior College System

No 9 — Douglas Boarding Houses & the Remarkable Folks Who Ran Them

No. 10 — Arizona’s State Song and Douglas Jews in the Entertainment World

No. 11 — Two Exceptional Men of the Borderlands and Electrical Power

No. 12 — From Out of the North: The Mexican Revolution

No. 13 — Douglas’ First Physicians

No. 14 — Arizona’s Longest Hard-Surfaced Highway and the Doan Family Tragedy

No. 15 — Rancho Mababi: A Bit of England on the Borderland

No. 16 — The Y.M.C.A. Building in Douglas

No. 17 — Pioneer Painter: Effie Anderson Smith

No. 18 — Arizona’s First Marriage, First Country Club, and Other Stories of 1912 Douglas

No. 19 — Building Douglas During The Great Depression

No. 20 — The First 20 Years Of Aviation History In Douglas, Arizona

No. 21 — Douglas Women of Great Renown

No. 22 — Douglas’ 660 G Ave. — Diversity and Consistency

No. 23 —Fairfax W. Burnside Fights Segregation in the Douglas Schools System

No. 24 — A Douglas Life Story — Louis A. McKay

No. 25 — Celebrating the Douglas Arts Association’s 60th Anniversary

No. 26 — Crime and Justice in Territorial Douglas, Arizona

No. 27 —The Cowbelles at 75

No. 28 — A Borderlands Life Story — William D. Gooch

No. 29 — Boom Days in Post WWII Douglas

No. 30 — A History of the Douglas Fire Department

No. 31 — The 1915 Battle of Agua Prieta

No. 32 — A Borderlands Life Story—Maria del Carmen Gutierrez

No. 33 — Douglas’ Boy Scouts

No. 34— Douglas Drug Stores

No. 35— Douglas Aviation History, Part II

No. 36 — Some Pirtleville History

No. 37 — World War I Comes to Douglas

No. 38 — Douglas’ Street Railway

No. 39 — Groceries And More

No. 40 — A Borderlands Life Story — James Krentz

No. 41 — The Douglas Post Office

No. 42 — Radio and Television in Douglas

No. 43 — Douglas Hotels and Motels

No. 44 — Jewish Pioneers In Douglas

No. 45 — A Douglas Life Story — Percy Bowden

No. 46 — Taking Care of Douglas’ Health

No. 47 — A Borderland Lifestory: Mary Robinson & Dichos

No. 48 — Railroads In Douglas

No.49 — Mining Engineers on the Borderlands

No. 50 — It Happened Every Spring

No. 51 —Some Dog and A Few Cat Stories

No. 52 — Douglas Houses of Worship

No. 53 – Douglasites In The State legislature

No. 54 - A Borderlands Story: Dr. Wilde at Camp Jones

No. 55 - Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Cochise County Fair

No. 56 - M. Eugene Durfee: Douglas Architect

No. 57 - A History of El Tigre, Sonora

No. 58 - The Story of Reay Transfer and Storage

No. 59 - Looking at some Douglas attorneys

No. 60 - Douglas Utilities

No. 61 - A Douglas Life Story By Marjorie U. Conder

No. 62 - Douglas Leads Fight Against Screwworms

No. 63 - Estuart! Borderlands Cattleman

No. 64 - Douglas Aviation History, Part III

No. 65 - A History of Douglas, Arizona, The First Decade, Boom Town, 1900-1910

No. 66 - A History of Douglas, Arizona, The Second Decade, Train Town, 1911-1920

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