Borderland Chronicles

Memorable stories of people and happenings written by Douglas historian Cindy Hayostek. 

​As a historian, I call Borderland Chronicles a series of monographs because it’s meticulously cited history. I hope the folks who’ve subscribed for 15 years will call it good storytelling. Blending those three things is easy because the geography and history of Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Sonora is unique. My hometown is unlike any other place on the Mexican-American border because its geographical setting and history are unlike any other place.


I want to keep telling stories about this part of the world because they include a Douglas woman who became the first person in America who retained custody of her children even after her husband divorced her because she was a polio victim confined in an iron lung.


I want to tell the story of how southern California came to have natural gas because of one Douglas man who was far-sighted enough to take a gamble on a small company struggling in the depths of the Great Depression.


I think you’ll enjoy reading these stories in future issues of Borderland Chronicles. 

- Cindy Hayostek

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No. 1— Alice Gatliff, Forgotten Woman of the Mexican Revolution 

No. 2— Born in Douglas: Stan Jones and “Ghost Riders in the Sky”

No. 3 — Douglas Delegates to Arizona’s Constitutional Convention

No. 4 — Sandra Day O’Connor’s Douglas Ancestors

No. 5 — Medal of Honor Winner in Douglas, Julian Gaujot

No. 6 — Sonora’s Anthem and Rodolfo Campodónico

No. 7 — Simply Grand: Douglas’ Premier Theater and Irma D. Bond

No. 8 — The Douglas Men Who Founded Arizona’s Junior College System

No 9 — Douglas Boarding Houses & the Remarkable Folks Who Ran Them

No. 10 — Arizona’s State Song and Douglas Jews in the Entertainment World

No. 11 — Two Exceptional Men of the Borderlands and Electrical Power

No. 12 — From Out of the North: The Mexican Revolution

No. 13 — Douglas’ First Physicians

No. 14 — Arizona’s Longest Hard-Surfaced Highway and the Doan Family Tragedy

No. 15 — Rancho Mababi: A Bit of England on the Borderland

No. 16 — The Y.M.C.A. Building in Douglas

No. 17 — Pioneer Painter: Effie Anderson Smith

No. 18 — Arizona’s First Marriage, First Country Club, and Other Stories of 1912 Douglas

No. 19 — Building Douglas During The Great Depression

No. 20 — The First 20 Years Of Aviation History In Douglas, Arizona

No. 21 — Douglas Women of Great Renown

No. 22 — Douglas’ 660 G Ave. — Diversity and Consistency

No. 23 —Fairfax W. Burnside Fights Segregation in the Douglas Schools System

No. 24 — A Douglas Life Story — Louis A. McKay

No. 25 — Celebrating the Douglas Arts Association’s 60th Anniversary

No. 26 — Crime and Justice in Territorial Douglas, Arizona

No. 27 —The Cowbelles at 75

No. 28 — A Borderlands Life Story — William D. Gooch

No. 29 — Boom Days in Post WWII Douglas

No. 30 — A History of the Douglas Fire Department

No. 31 — The 1915 Battle of Agua Prieta

No. 32 — A Borderlands Life Story—Maria del Carmen Gutierrez

No. 33 — Douglas’ Boy Scouts

No. 34— Douglas Drug Stores

No. 35— Douglas Aviation History, Part II

No. 36 — Some Pirtleville History

No. 37 — World War I Comes to Douglas

No. 38 — Douglas’ Street Railway

No. 39 — Groceries And More

No. 40 — A Borderlands Life Story — James Krentz

No. 41 — The Douglas Post Office

No. 42 — Radio and Television in Douglas

No. 43 — Douglas Hotels and Motels

No. 44 — Jewish Pioneers In Douglas

No. 45 — A Douglas Life Story — Percy Bowden

No. 46 — Taking Care of Douglas’ Health

No. 47 — A Borderland Lifestory: Mary Robinson & Dichos

No. 48 — Railroads In Douglas

No.49 — Mining Engineers on the Borderlands

No. 50 — It Happened Every Spring

No. 51 —Some Dog and A Few Cat Stories

No. 52 — Douglas Houses of Worship

No. 53 – Douglasites In The State legislature

No. 54 - A Borderlands Story: Dr. Wilde at Camp Jones

No. 55 - Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Cochise County Fair

No. 56 - M. Eugene Durfee: Douglas Architect

No. 57 - A History of El Tigre, Sonora

No. 58 - The Story of Reay Transfer and Storage

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